Wisconsin Agritourism

Info about promoting your Wisconsin agritainment operation

When you decide to open your farm to visitors as an agritainment operation, you want visitors to find you. For information about promoting your agritainment business in Wisconsin visit:

Department of Agriculture

Wisconsin Agritourism Associations<

Tourism Bureaus

Wisconsin county convention and visitors bureaus, commissions and tourism offices may also list your agritourism operation:

University of Illinois Extension

Agritourism operations in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin can be added to U of I’s online directory. Click the category below that matches your farm and fill in the requested information. Submissions will be reviewed by staff. The site lets visitors print your agritourism listing so you’re easy to find.

  • Strawberry Farm – you can list all products: u-pick, pre-pick, other
  • Pumpkin Farm – you can list all products…pick your own, roadside, market, wholesale, other
  • Apple Orchards – you can list all products…pick your own, roadside, market, wholesale, other
    • Name
    • Address
    • County
    • Phone
    • Email
    • Website
    • List the products available
    • Open Dates/Times
    • Notes – Remember to add the activities you offer

Additional Options

Spend some time on the Internet and see if potential visitors can find you. If they can’t find your farm, visitors won’t be able to enjoy the day with you.

  • Many cities throughout Wisconsin also have visitors bureaus that may offer online listings or downloadable activity guides.
  • Local Chambers of Commerce provide another way to promote your agritourism operation.
  • Connecting on social media lets visitors know when your agritourism business is open for their enjoyment.
  • In addition to these options, you may choose to list your farm in commercial agritainment listing websites. Many directory sites offer free listings, while some are paid. Free sites often have click-based advertising or sponsor advertising to help defray the expense of maintenance and provide income to the web developer. Be sure to take the time to contact the web owner to see if you’re a good fit.
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